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If there is steam we're makin' syrup!!! 

If you drive by and see steam then we're makin' syrup so please stop by and say hello. Taste warm syrup right out of the evaporator. Pick up some local syrup for your pancakes. I love to show off my evaporator and my sugar house! I will do my best to answer any questions. Best thing is to call ahead or send an email to make sure we are open. 

NH Maple Weekend 2018
NH Maple Weekend Open house will be  Saturday and Sunday March 24th and 25th from 10am to 3pm.   Stop in and smell the sweet aromas form the evaporator and taste some fresh maple syrup.  We will be boiling sap and giving tours of the sugarhouse, syrup samples, donuts and refreshments.  We will be selling Hot Dogs cooked in maple Sap as a fund raiser to support Mary Dog's which is a dog rescue adaption agency from Northwood, NH.   We will have Beautiful art work by Heather Crowley of Willow Road Watercolors in the Circle Studio.   As usual We will have 100% maple syrup, maple confections, Local Raw honey from our hives.  Its a good kick start to spring and a chance to get out and get a little mud on your shoes, get some fresh air and smell the sweet steam.   Hope you can join us for all the fun.

Just a reminder that originally the East Kingston Fire Dept. did plan to have their annual pancake breakfast fundraiser they had to cancel again due to unforeseen issues.  Sorry about that.  I know we did start advertising for it but again it is cancelled for this year.  

Spring 2018

Well it is Spring but not that would know it a few late season nor' easters, a couple feet of snow, teens and single digits at night, honestly I think mother nature mixed up February and March this year, but then again it is New England after all.  Had a lot of damage in the woods and around the yard from the heavy snow.  when you come for our open house you will see the pile of limbs.  There is lots of snow around but the maple season is well underway with lots of good sap weather in the forecast.  

       New Grading system
        Grade A Golden, Maple syrup delicate taste.....    (same as light or fancy)
        Grade A Amber, Maple syrup Rich taste............    (medium and a little dark) 
        Grade A Dark, Maple Syrup Robust Taste.........    (a little darker than current dark) 
        Grade A Very Dark, Strong Taste.......................    (basically a dark Grade B)   

      In Search Of More Trees
        We are always looking for more trees to tap.  With the increased demand for local syrup, Willow Creek Sugarhouse needs to expand.  So If anyone is local to me, and has woods that are just sitting there why not lease out your trees for maple production.  I will be looking for blocks of maples trees of about 100+ tappable (9-10 inches in diameter minimum)  trees will need be preferably sugar maples but also can be red, sliver, or norway maples. (these may be located in swampy areas as well).  The leased trees will be based on $$$per tap to the land owner.  All the details will need to be worked out on an individual basis depending on set up and lease agreement.  Will need a 110 power supply at the site for smaller maple orchards and if there are 500 or more trees a 220 line may be needed.  No more than a 10 to maybe 15 minute drive to the sugar bush as the tank will need to be emptied daily as well as pump servicing and turning them on and off as well.  
We are always looking for more road side trees as well.  These must be sugar maples 9" in diameter or greater.  They will also need to be local and sorta on my route of collecting as they will need to  emptied daily.  I usually pay those in syrup depending how many trees there are to be collected from.     

               Social Media 
     Please check out my facebook page  and like us there and check things for up to date goings on for everything sugarhouse related.  
     The Farm Stand
              The farm stand is open and stocked with syrup and honey. I didn't replace the sign yet but I will get to it some time I hope!!!!  You know I think its been some time I guess I should really get that sign replaced!!!     

Bee News            
             It seems to bee getting more and more difficult to get the bees to over winter. lost 4 out of 5 hives this winter.  Still have lots of honey!!!   

            Chickens and Turkeys
           Looking forward to chicks in a few weeks!!!  turkeys not until early June or you end up with 40 to 50 lb males just too big to handle. 

           Can't wait ti get out there and get things going but that's a bit away for now.            

                 New Stuff  
     I have been making my own Rib Rub for years but I started making it with maple sugar instead of brown sugar and its awesome!!!   So I decided to get a nice little pouch and package it up for sale!!!  they are 1.5 ounce packages and they will be $4.00 each on maple weekend.  Its great on ribs for the grill and racks of ribs for the smoker. I tried it on some turkey legs in the oven and it was delicious.  So even though it says rib rub it can be used for lots of things.  I want to work on a poultry, curry and maybe a maple chipotle seasoning as well with maple sugar as the base.   


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