The old back yard rig.

The new shiny evaporator

Upgraded just a bit.

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Welcome to the
Willow Creek Sugarhouse,LLC
137 Willow Rd
 East Kingston, New Hampshire 

If you see steam we're makin' syrup.
Please stop in and taste warm fresh maple syrup straight out of the evaporator.

My name is Brad Rice, I am a chef by trade and I have a love for the outdoors.  With that combination, making maple syrup is perfect for me.  I also get a chance to get out of the house in late winter when cabin fever is at its worst. 

The spring of 2009 was my first season of making pure New Hampshire maple syrup.  I had 25 taps and made several gallons of wonderful amber gold.  The sap was boiled on my  backyard rig with a roasting pan on cement blocks.  It was then I realized I had been bitten by the maple bug and fell in love with the process.  

The following summer I started out building a shed and came across an evaporator and my plans changed just a bit.  I decided to make my shed a little bigger and add on a few more taps.  The end result was a beautiful sugarhouse, a Patrick Phaneuf 2'x6' Stainless Steel drop flue evaporator and about 250 taps for the 2010 season.

We are now  heading into our  11th season of maple sugaring and 10th at this level. The 2019 season was a little less impressive then I would have liked with lots of ice in the ground the trees just couldn't suck up water.  This made the sugar content higher than average, but much less sap overall resulting in a less than average season.  So 2020 here we are our 10th maple weekend coming up shortly.  I was behind on getting started this year. I added on some new equipment and was waiting for it from the manufacturer.  Everything is now up and running and the sap was flowing great until this past week's warm up so waiting for a freeze!  It will come back I am sure. 

There is no better smell than the maple sweet steam coming off the evaporator.  

We have decided to cancel our open house please Click the "What's happening" tab for more details. 

NH Maple Weekend 2020
March 21st and 22nd
10am to 3pm
for more info please click on the
the"What's Happening" tab above.

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